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20.07.06 21:22

one hetero day

So, it looks like nobody is going to join this forum. That's okay, I'll just use it as my own private journal until Sandy takes it down for lack of interest.

One time, at the old place, it was early, about 6pm and we were just opening up. A few of us straight guys were, Skip Bickston, Rick Arambula. In walks this REALLY cute chick. Her name was Deborah Allen and she was an absolute DOLL. Sweet, with a sexy southern accent. She wanted to sing there. We were drooling all over her. She said she knew Jim Stafford, so Albie said he would give her a shot if she brought Stafford in. He was pretty big then...I think he had a TV show at the time.

So she did a show, and she was actually quite good. She's gone on to some success in the music biz. Country. I think she's won some CMA or ACM awards and has written some good songs. Well, she did bring Jim Stafford in the night of her show, and he got up to do a few songs. The guy was shitfaced! He was so drunk he couldn't get through a song, and almost fell off the stage. Which reminds me of another time at the new place...but I'll save that one for another day.

C'mon people, talk to me! It's free! It's fun!

Todd Cooper


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